Color 柏丽秋日 Cruise Charity Night

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“Autumn Colors, Bai Li Qian Ying” co-sponsored by the “Toronto Paragon Lion’s Club” and the “Signature Cosmetic Clinic” – Colors Belle Autumn Cruises Charity Night, coming soon On September 23 (Sunday), Julie debuted.

The wonderful arrangement was first disclosed at the press conference held at the Royal Royal Banquet today (August 17th), and the media friends from all walks of life were excited!

The event aims to bring together people from all walks of life in Toronto to promote communication and communication, including politicians at all levels, celebrities in the city, successful entrepreneurs, scholars and enthusiasts of community charities. By then, more than 200 guests will be dressed in large cruise ships, in the autumn sunset, toasting, tasting food, singing and dancing and enjoying the beauty of Lake Ontario. More profoundly, part of the proceeds of the event will be donated to the charity “Easter Seal & Spirit of Life”. All the friends who participated in the event are also the supporters of this charity event. By then, political gatherings, celebrities and ladies, beautiful people, beautiful scenery, colorful performances, will be wonderful!

Since the establishment of the Toronto Cypress Lions Club in 2005, it has been actively engaged in active interaction and cooperation with governments at all levels, mainstream society and Chinese Lions Club. The large-scale events hosted by it have won unanimous affirmation and praise from all walks of life. In the past ten years, the Toronto Park Lions Club has generously contributed to the cause of public welfare. Fully embodied and practiced the concept of “taking it into society, using it in society, and giving back to society”. According to incomplete statistics, the Toronto Park Lions Club raised more than $1 million for organizations including medical, youth, mental retardation training, international charity and disaster relief.

The Color Medicine Beauty Group, one of the event organizers, is a large-scale enterprise group specializing in cutting-edge medical treatment, investment, management, management, teaching and post-operative care product development.

As a leader in the Canadian Chinese medical beauty industry, Color Medicine has brought together internationally renowned medical experts, professional nurses and professional technicians, and is constantly updating and adopting cutting-edge, safe and efficient beauty technology and equipment for people from all walks of life. Tailor-made medical treatments. These include a full range of injections, top-of-the-line laser/radio frequency, body sculpting treatments, and more. There are also “bio-homologous hormone balance therapy” and “Merce’s cocktail therapy” for specialists to accompany your micro-treatment and body conditioning.

Today, the five branches of Color Medical Beauty are constantly advancing with the times under the leadership of Canadian professional medical experts. Through strict and standardized operation process management and comprehensive customer care system, we can achieve “beauty and beauty.” Expectation! At the same time, the color medical beauty is more enthusiastic about public welfare, giving back to the community, and there are color and beauty in the local charity and public welfare activities.

Sponsorship, ticketing and enquiries, please come to the following locations:

Toronto Berry Lions Club

Address: Unit 18, 1 Spadina Rd, Richmond Hill, ON L4B 3M2

Phone: (416) 312-1068

Color Medicine Beauty Group:

Address: 3621 Hwy 7 East, Suite 206, Markham, ON. L3R 0G6

Tel: (647) 928-6666


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