Environmental Stewardship

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The principle of environmental stewardship is one of active engagement by all to protect our environment, including through the use of environmentally sensitive practices in our everyday lives, the conservation and prevention of loss of habitat for fish, bird, animal and plant species and the long-term sustainability of the resources we utilize.

The Rasch Foundation works to identify and support a variety of organizations that bring breadth, innovation and vigor to the cause of environmental stewardship. We have a special interest in conservation and habitat preservation.

Marine Conservation
Our society continues to ravage our oceans and seas with assorted forms of pollution and continued overfishing. The Rasch Foundation will invest in marine conservation projects that seek to prevent or limit human-caused damage to marine ecosystems and that focus on restoring prior damaged marine ecosystems.

Habitat Conservation
While governments have continued to make efforts to bring significant wildlife habitat areas under their control and protection, the reality remains that significant, if not most, wildlife habitat resources remain within corporate or private control. The Rasch Foundation is interested in projects that work to extend the quantity and effectiveness of protected resources.

Desert Preservation
Of special interest to the Rasch Foundation is the Sonoran Desert in Arizona. We can’t say it better than the following quote from Making Sense of Place – Phoenix: The Urban Desert, a documentary film about urban growth and change in and around Phoenix, Arizona. “The Sonoran Desert is the second most diverse ecosystem on Earth. We have more plant and animal species here than anywhere else on Earth, except the rainforest. . . . So that’s why we talk about the developers all the time, and give them such a bad time. Because once they develop this little desert, it’s gone, and a whole ecosystem goes with it that can never be replaced and exists nowhere else.”

Other Environmental Stewardship
Far too often the pace and demands of continued development and urban encroachment wreak havoc on sensitive ecosystems, fragile water systems, productive farmland and/or a rural way of life. Development is necessary and inevitable, but the Rasch Foundation believes that it should be done in a way that is sensitive to the environment. The Foundation will fund and help organize local groups to oppose harmful development in areas of or near sensitive habitats or ecosystems.

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