International Men's Day Black Tie Affair 2018

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“During the past 19 years International Men’s Day (IMD), on 19 November, has been observed in various ways including competitions, displays, panel discussions to name a few. Last year, the observance of International Men’s Day, in Toronto, was an historic occasion.” – Jerome Teelucksingh (Founder)

This year 83 countries will be observing IMD and it continues to cross many barriers and will be celebrated by boys, girls, men and women of different ethnicities, ages, religion and barriers. The theme for this year is, “Renewing Our Commitment To Men and Boys – Building A Better World For Everyone.”

Individuals, organizations and institutions are being asked to embark upon a collaborative journey to promote positive images of Boys; celebrate the positive role models who are in our midst; and work to eradicate the plethora of negative male stereotypes and mixed signals about masculinity and the roles and responsibilities of men that permeate our society.

The IMD last year (2017) had the opportunity to present a cheque for the amount of $4000 to the chosen charity (Believe to Achieve Organization) as seen in the captured image above. It was a proud moment for all the hard men and women who made this inaugural day happen.

This year 2018, our goal is to present several cheques to at least 3 organizations from the grass roots concepts whereby they are fulfilling a mission and their visions of inspiring and empowering men and boys. Many of the organizations host free events and are funded by private sponsorships, partnerships and fundraisers and we would like to support them in any which way we can.

This year we are fortunate to have several returning sponsors who had committed since the day of our last event. I hope and trust that you as a sponsor would see what we have done to place “Canada” on the global map as the 82nd Nation to join the International Men’s Day Union Globally.

In words of M. Ghandi “Be the Change YOU Seek.”


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