Suicide Intervention for Weirdos, Freaks & Queers

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helping our friends who sometimes want to die maybe not die

this is an intro-level workshop for folks who want to build and share skills around supporting people in their lives who are suicidal.

this is not a certification course- it’s an opportunity for folks to gather and share what we know about supporting our loved ones in a structured and facilitated way.

some of the questions we will be exploring include- what are my beliefs about suicide, and how might those impact how i react to someone else feeling suicidal? how do i know if someone i care about is thinking about ending their life? is suicidal thinking always an emergency? what if the emergency services that exist don’t feel like safe options? how do i know what my boundaries are, and how do i talk about them with someone in crisis?

Date: Tues.Oct.2
Time: 4:00pm-7:00pm
Location: George Brown College, 200 King St.E. St. James campus
Room: rm.150 Quiet Lounge (inside Kings Lounge)

FREE || vegan foods with gluten-free || TTC tokens

Trainer: Carly Boyce
i’m a 34 year old white settler and a queer and genderqueer witch, with 17 years of facilitation and workshop creation experience. i’m also a trauma survivor and an anxious introvert. she or they pronouns plz.
my approach to suicide intervention is based on a combination of formal training and lived experience. i believe strongly in approaches that foreground body autonomy, kindness, harm reduction, and boundaried vulnerability. i am critical of institutions (hospitals, policing, social services), while sometimes participating in them in various ways. i have done front line peer based support work with queer and trans youth and with survivors of sexual violence for more than a decade, and informal support much my whole life.
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Part of the Community Action Centre’s DisOrientation week.
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