Walking Your Why: Discovering your Values Perspective

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This event is co-hosted by the League of Intrapreneurs Canada and the School for Social Entrepreneurs Ontario.

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“By knowing who you are and what you stand for, you come to life’s choices with the most powerful tool of all: your full self.” – Dr. Susan David

Walking our why is at the heart of social intrapreneurship and entrepreneurship. It’s about living by our priority set of values, the things that matter to us which we express through what we think, say and do. By understanding our values, we’re able to more intentionally take purposeful action in different facets of our lives which matter to us. Yet identifying and acting on our values is not always easy.

In this interactive session, you will explore what values are and their characteristics; clarify your values perspective and top nine priority values; and explore how your values allow you to more intentionally make choices and decisions with clarity and authenticity.

In advance of the session, instructions and a code will be provided for you to take the Kairios Values Perspective survey. Once you complete the survey you will receive an individually customized report which you’ll bring to the session.

Bio: Golnaz Golnaraghi

Golnaz is curious, thoughtful, and compassionate; she creates safe and dynamic spaces for transformative learning. Having designed and delivered learning experiences to more than 3,000 individuals, Golnaz has spent the last twelve years honing her craft as a facilitator and trainer. She founded Divity Group in 2015, a company committed to a human-centred approach to experiential facilitation, leadership training, and curriculum design and development programs. Through her work, she seeks to engage individuals and teams to foster greater connection to self, self and others, and self and broader communities while using collaboration, empathy, creativity and critical reflection to challenge assumptions and practices to come up with meaningful solutions. She is a certified facilitator of a number of individual and team assessments including Kairios Values Perspective.

Golnaz’s years of professional experience have included work in marketing management, leadership development, curriculum innovation and research allowing her to bring a unique perspective to her practice. She has worked in a variety of industries including professional services, consulting, not-for-profit, and higher education. Golnaz holds her doctorate in organizational analysis with a focus on diversity in the workplace and has published her research in books and peer review journals including the Oxford Handbook of Diversity in Organizations, Dialogues in CMS: Feminist and Queer Theorists Debate the Future of CMS; International Journal of Cross-Cultural Management and Equity, and Diversity and Inclusion: An International Journal.

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