Art of Life Community Health Centre

885 Don Mills Road, Suite 121, Toronto, Ontario, M3C 1V9



OUR MISSION The Art of Life Community Health Center is founded on and dedicated to serve with love, providing natural alternative health care for children, adults and their families to activate their potential to be physically, emotionally and spiritually healthy, to achieve greater well-being, and to enjoy the art of real life. OUR VALUES • We recognize that each child and adult is unique and it is only matter of fully understanding the principles of a healthy life. We support patients in helping them achieve the highest possible potential. • We recognize family members as experts and decision-makers, and offer help with only professional and efficient information to enhance their ability to make the best possible decisions. • We build friendly relationships and trust with patients and their families to reach the best understanding of the individual features and needs of each human being. • We believe that each person is talented and unique, and that building a healthy approach to life on every level will unleash the potential of each person to bring the joy of creativity to each and every life. TAOL CHC non-profit organization was created and developed to provide help in a positive, supportive and non-clinical setting.



Volunteerism, Art Works, Tickets for concerts and other fundraising activities.