Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives

34 Isabella Street, Toronto, ON, M4Y 1N1



The Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives was established to aid in the recovery and preservation of our histories. Its mandate is to: * acquire, preserve, organize, and give public access to information and materials in any medium, by and about LGBTQ2+ people, primarily produced in or concerning Canada * maintain a research library, international research files, and an international collection of LGBTQ2+ periodicals.


Founded in 1971, the Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives (CLGA) is the largest independent LGBTQ2+ archives in the world. With a focus on Canadian content, the CLGA acquires, preserves and provides public access to archival materials. By collecting and caring for important historical records, personal papers, unpublished documents, publications, audio-visual material, works of art, photographs, posters, and artifacts, the CLGA is a trusted guardian of LGBTQ2+ histories now and for generations to come.