Community Child Development Orphanage

2657 Carbona Street, Eugene, OR 97404, USA.



Community Child Development Orphanage is a registered charity that was started by christian fine Artists after realizing the suffering of many helpless orphan kids in Buyobo sub county, Sironko District in Uganda. The project has 100 orphan kids to cater for and 4 of them are disabled. As a Christian founded project, our hope is in the Lord in whom we believe everything is possible, because what God the father considers to be pure and genuine religion is to take care of orphans and widows in their suffering and keep one's self from being corrupted by the world. {James 1:27}.


We have been taking care of orphans for 15 years. About 5 years ago, a charity in Canada built our dorms and school rooms for us. We have been working hard to cultivate the grounds and invite more children to our primary school. Thanks to our primary school, our orphans are able to be educated up to level 7.


You can donate directly via our website or you can participate in events advertised here on Toronto Charities.


Events are published both on the Community Child Development Orphanage website and on Toronto Charities where possible. Please contact us directly for the fundraising ideas or any volunteering opportunities.