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The community we serve is made up of dancers, choreographers, teachers and the general public who express themselves through dance, their culture, and concerns of the African Canadian population. This community has a diverse background, which encompasses Africa, the Caribbean, South America, North America, and Europe. dance Immersion’s activities are based in Toronto, Ontario where the large population base readily lends support to a vibrant dance community. Our programs include opportunities for skill development, performance enhancement, networking and knowledge sharing with individuals who practice like dance styles. We strive to educate regarding the meaning and significance of dance and the arts as a whole, involving children, youth and adults. Who We Work With dance Immersion is committed to actively seeking out, presenting and supporting the artistic product of dance artists to the broader community. We work with numerous organizations and individuals, locally, nationally and internationally, in different capacities to accomplish our program goals. dance Immersion has been a member of the CanDance Network since 1995. This Pan-Canadian affiliation of dance presenters actively network and engage in the business and development of the presentation of Canadian dance artists. dance Immersion is also been a member of the International Association of Blacks In Dance (IABD) since 1998. The purpose of this organization is to preserve and promote dance by people of African ancestry or origin, and to assist in increasing opportunities for artists to function in networking, funding, performance, education, audience development, philosophical dialogue, touring and advocacy. The annual conference and festival, sponsored by the IABD, preserves and promotes dance by people of African ancestry or origin, and assists and increases opportunities for artists in networking, funding, performances education, audience development, philosophical dialogue, touring and advocacy. Thank you to our generous Funders


Producing, Promoting and Supporting dancers and dances of the African Diaspora since 1994. dance Immersion is a not-for-profit organization that produces, promotes and supports dancers and dances of the African Diaspora. The organization was established in 1994 to address the need for additional presentation, skill development, and networking opportunities for dance artists of African descent. Programs introduce various styles of dance and dance artists to the public through a variety of activities that provide a nurturing and supportive environment for professional and emerging dance artists who work and explore diverse styles and expressions. dance Immersion has experienced considerable success in connecting dance artists throughout Canada and around the world.


Your contribution will help pay for instructors, mentors, employment coaching, and rehearsal space. You can make your gift to dance Immersion by credit card, cheque or online at In acknowledgement of your gift, you will receive a charitable tax receipt for your generous gift as well as recognition on our website. We hope we can count on you, and we thank you in advance for your support.