Hope for Hearts

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Hope for hearts support The Exercise Medicine Program, created within the Labatt Family Heart Centre at The Hospital for Sick Children. The Program represents the first pediatric program in Canada that focuses on physical activity and sport-based recommendations for children with heart disease. A common misconception is that children with heart disease should not be allowed to exercise or participate in sports as this would harm their heart. As a result, most children with heart disease scarcely participate in physical activity programs or recreational sports, and end up leading a sedentary life. Promoting a healthy, active lifestyle early in childhood is the best way to ensure positive outcomes later in life. Taking part in sports and playing with siblings and friends will not only make children physically stronger but also more socially engaged. This will improve the way they look at their life and improve their self-esteem.


Hope for Hearts was founded in 2015 by Dr. Barbara Cifra to raise awareness about the importance of supporting programs that focus on promoting healthy life-style.


You can donate directly via our website or you can participate in events advertised here on Toronto Charities.


Events are published both on the Hope for Hearts website and on Toronto Charities. Please contact us directly for any questions or volunteering opportunities.