Pets In Danger

Offices in Toronto and Palm Beach.

(416) 844-8094


PetsInDanger Inc. are a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation in Canada. #81290 9588. They primarily advocate for animal welfare via public education and engagement practices. Their goal is to down puppy mills and commercial breeding facilities across North America, this will save approximately 4.5 million cats and dogs every year. Their methodology involves encouraging individuals to launch protector campaigns via their website. Pets In Danger is committed to transparency and all monies raised go completely into the campaigns, no directors or management receive any payments from Pets In Danger Activities. Your support is greatly appreciated.


Founded by Steve Hughes, a long-time animal rights activist, vegan and animal shelter financial supporter. Steve is an experienced and recognized keynote speaker on animal advocacy and veganism, presenting a highly informative and entertaining speech with a powerful call to action at conferences, fundraisers and other forums in Canada and the U.S.


Simply through the Pets In Danger website.


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