Regent Park Film Festival

585 Dundas Street East, Toronto, ON M5A 2B7



We are Toronto’s longest running free community film festival. We are dedicated to showcasing local and international independent works relevant to people from all walks of life, with a focus on inviting those of us from low income and public housing communities. The films we present break stereotypes and show that no one place or person has just one story.


The Festival started in 2003 through the efforts of a determined group of community residents and volunteers. Their goal was to bring Regent Park residents access to high quality films that resonate with their experiences. Today, as Regent Park undergoes a fifteen year re-development, the Festival also works to bring together the many diverse communities that exist in the neighbourhood to enjoy and engage with film as a means of artistic expression and a catalyst for change.


The Regent Park Film Festival is absolutely free to attend, and we’re working hard to keep it that way. Help us in making this possible by joining our membership drive at the Lights, Camera or Action Level (


We offer year-round programming. All for FREE. This includes our annual fundraiser, festival, Under the Stars: Movies in the Park, Home Made Visible project as well as various workshops throughout the year.