Toronto Charities Guide

How it works

To add your listings click on the ‘add new listing’ button.

If you do not currently have a profile, you will be asked to create a short profile page so that people know more about your charity. Each Charity is reviewed in detail to ensure accredited Charitable or Non-Profit status.

All posting and edits are subjects to review – they must be on topic. We will email you when the listing is approved.

Membership is a fee of $200 per year or each individual listing costs $10 to add. However, we do not exclude any Charitable organisation and we will publish your listings at no charge, should you have no budget for their promotion.  You can be assured that your listing will reach approximately 20,000 highly-targetted people in Toronto that month.

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About us

Toronto Charities was set up in 2001 by Robert Fullerton.  His goal was to increase the online presence for Charities and give them a free listing service, he has done a wonderful job setting up the platform here in Toronto for almost 20 years!

Today Toronto Charities is ran by 3 volunteers.  We charge nothing for the service, we make no profits or income at all and we rely on the generous time and energy of Attribute Digital, the online marketing agency to increase our web presence and keep our site working correctly.  In 2017 we averaged an astonishing 300,000 visitors per month, thanks to their hard work 🙂

Our 3 Volunteers are:

Eloise Jackson

Jimmy Hogg

Wilnie Sajulga

We share the email: to make sure our charities and users always get a quick reply.

Thanks for visiting us and please Support US by sticking on of our lovely badges on your website!


The Toronto Charities Team.