Noah's Clubhouse Charitable Organization

12 Winterberry Drive Markham, Ontario L3S 4G3



Relieving some of the challenges associated with disability by providing financial assistance to families with children with cerebral palsy.


Noah and his identical twin brother, Nicholas, were born on July 12, 2003. Complications shortly after birth, including a stroke, left Noah with a profound hearing loss as well as a diagnosis of severe cerebral palsy. As Noah grew older and bigger, his family became aware of the challenges of raising a child with special needs. His mother, Brigitte, always thought there should be more resources available to families with children with special needs. On February 12, 2011, Noah passed away suddenly at the young age of 7 ½. Brigitte felt she needed to turn this tragedy into something positive. In 2014, she created a fund in Noah’s honour with the purpose of providing financial assistance for families with children like her son.

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