Weston Frontlines centre

1844 Weston Road





Weston Frontlines Centre (Frontlines) is a youth centre located in Weston, part of York-South Weston- one of the poorest ridings in Ontario, just not Toronto. Frontlines seeks to address the pressing needs of children and youth of Weston through a variety of programs. Our programs and services range from homework clubs to employment programs; all in a quest to make the lives of our participants better and; the community safer. Here are a list of our programs 1. Homework Club - One on one academic support for children and youth 2. So You Think You Can Cook – Cooking programs 3. The Journey - Personal development guest speaker series 4. TGIF Drop-Ins - Drop in Friday program 5. Gem Dolls Mentorship program – Youth led mentorship program for girls 6. Don’t Front Boys mentoring program - Staff led mentorship program for boys 7. Leaders in Training - Youth 13-18 obtain leadership skills and obtain volunteer hours through developing and supporting programming at Frontlines 8. Guitar Hero - A music program for youth 13-17 9. Fitness and Wellness Workshops in conjunction with the SelfLove Youth Wellness Empowerment Group for youth 13-17 10. Summer, March and New Year Camps 11. Catering Careers/Frontburners Youth Kitchen- An 8-week, culinary skills training and employment program for youth ages 18-29, in which trainees prepare meals for younger youth in our afterschool programs. They also cater (www.frontlines.to/catering). We also connect youth 18-29 with Smart Serve, food handling certification and with employment opportunities


Started as a drop-in centre that focused primarily on music, Frontlines has grown by offering a variety of programs to hundreds of children and youth from Weston and surrounding neighborhoods . At Frontlines, we value each and every child, youth, parent, staff, volunteers, donors and all other stakeholders. We believe in community and stay true to our core guiding principles.


There are variety of ways to donate. Please see http://frontlines.to/donate/


Please contact us at info@frontlines.to