Riverdale Immigrant Women’s Centre

1326 Gerrard St. East, Toronto, ON, M4L-1Z1

416 465-6021



Riverdale Immigrant Women’s Centre is committed to supporting Asian and South Asian women, children, youth and their families in taking greater control of their lives.


Founded in 1982. Our main focus is to provide culturally appropriate and linguistically specific settlement and counselling support services with the use of community- determined strategies, that are developed and delivered by women.


You can donate directly via our website or you can participate in events advertised here on Toronto Charities.


Events are published both on the RIWC's website and on Toronto Charities where possible. Please contact us directly for the fundraising ideas or any volunteering opportunities.


October 06, 2017

Violence Against Women and Children Program

The Violence Against Women and Children (VAWC) program assists women and children victimized by violence...

October 06, 2017

Volunteer and Placement Students Program

The majority of our volunteers are newcomers to Canada who feel that RIWC can provide...